Thursday, 20 September 2007

Anyway, I started reading all these books on Spiritualism...

...and I realised that this is how I live my life anyway. Don't need a book to tell me how to do it thank you very much. I was a bit annoyed really because I'd bought, like, three of them. They were all wrong in my mind anyway. They all concentrated on worshipping an icon or a god (small 'g' intended). I went to the Internet. Then I found it.

So I took a week off to chill out...

OK so I've recently moved to Chester after a fairly amicable marriage split up (I got all the Shiny Things, she got the car and the holiday).

So after a couple of months I decided to take some time off to take stock of life and stuff... just to chill out and do nothing for a week in my new flat.

Many things have happened in my life that I cannot explain so once I got sober I started looking at books on Religion, Philosophy and Spiritualism. I restricted my choice of books that could explain my physical experiences.

I went through the usual How Can You Believe In God When The Universe Is Constanly Expanding? through to God Is God and Jesus is The Son Of God and got a bit bored of the preaching side of things (for those who know me I think DS would be an excellent preacher).

Anyway, I looked at the more spiritual, shall I say less shouty, side of things and then I came across Buddhism. Now I didn't know this but Buddhism is not a religion, it is a way of life.

OK I'm a bit wrong. This day and age Buddhism is a religion. People worship Buddha. People take trips to Thailand to the festival thing that offers them the chance to wash the feet of a (probably plastic but maybe terracotta) symbol of Buddha. Being a bit of a porker myself I bet he's loving it.

No, the point is that Buddha discovered a way of living. Spiritually. Living with yourself with a clear mind everyday that things are balanced. In the time when he was alive the only option was to live life in isolation. Today there are many things that we can do...

Anyway... I'm off for a fag.

Most people I know think that I hate Television

It's not that I'm not interested in watching TV programmes, it is the whole culture of 'just watching what's on' or to arrange your life around watching a single programme. Don't get me started on adverts.

So when the BBC and Channel 4 released their 'catch-up' service over the Internet I thought it would be ideal... I can pick and choose which programmes to watch - even look at last night's TV reviews in the newspaper to see if it's worth downloading.

Why do they do this by the way? I mean review TV shows. You're reading a review of a programme that was transmitted yesterday - do they think you have a time machine?

So, with this superior knowledge that I can actually access these programmes that they have reviewed I set about trying to download them. Should be easy yes? No.

If I want to download a show from the BBC I have to install the BBCi Player. When I try to download a programme then it tells me that I can't because I'm not in the UK (my T-Mobile 3G connection is registered in the States).

So, me being Mr. Geek I choose a UK proxy to hide behind to make BBCi think I'm in the UK and heyho it works like a dream.

Then a new series of The IT Crowd starts on Channel 4. I download the 4oD player. I try to download the first episode but I can't because it knows I'm behind a proxy (does it think I'm trying to steal something that they are offering for free?).

Of course I can get round the problem by disabling or enabling the proxy depending on which channel I want but how many 'normal' people would know this.

Bear in mind that this in one service provider and only two channels and I am a professional Geek... how can any normal person be expected to work this out?

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.

Much like starting a blog for the first time.

Where do you start?

Oh I just did